Final Closure

You tried to re-enter my life today 


and I did not let you 


Were you blind in your faith?

That too easily I would just allow you to slip you through 

Was it not clear that you were no longer welcome here 

when your key did not fit in the door?

I have had those locks changed for weeks 


It was about time for you to go

Your presence failed to serve its purpose 

Each time I allowed you through that door 

You brought with you too many weapons 

Each one used against me 

No more will you use my depression against me 

No more will you take advantage of my kindness 

My patience 

My ease of forgiveness 

(not now)


But I am grateful still 

For the pain and scars you left me to treat 

Each wound is healing 

And it is somehow easier than I expected


Without this torture, I would not have found my better reason to live 

I thank God each day I am able to wake up next to him 

Almost too easily, I gave him the key to this home that you broke into 

The shattered mirror has been replaced 

All of the death and destruction has dissolved with his serenity 


He is welcome in this home 

I am at peace watching him make tea in the kitchen 

or the curves of his shoulder blades in the shower 

I will make a better home with him here 


- nachos, honey, I love you like nachos 

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Thu 26th Mar 2020 07:22


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