it's all okay, now

sometimes I have to sit and question 

"is it like this for everyone?"

because surely it mustn't be 

too many people setting themselves on fire only to see their love stay warm 

that is what I would do for you 


because coming home feels different now 

not four walls but a heartbeat and jawline with stubble 

two strong hands that wrap around my hips and guide me closer each night 

piercing blue grey eyes that delve into parts of my soul that until you, I had not known existed 

the crinkle around your eyes each time you laugh, is enough to make me hold my breath 

praying that time will pause 

so that I can hear that sound and watch you be happy for the rest of these days 


I melt at your words 

and the way you cherish me when I need it most 

I hope that one day it will be enough for you to stay, too 

even though the one you chose is bruised and battered and damaged beyond compare

here you are still, living beside me 


If only to watch you make breakfast in the late morning in flip flops 

If only to steal glances at you as you slide into fourth gear 

Nobody but you 

you must know

could love me like this 


and I know now it must have been worth it 

if only to be able to come home to you 

and let the deep breath I had been holding since I walked out of the door 

finally escape somewhere within your embrace 


- where I find myself now 

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