The Weakness

I had been asking 

For an answer or a sign 

But your lips had fallen silent 

After so much time 


I had been praying

There wasn’t much else to do 

Other than to sit and wait 

Patiently for you 


We each had caused the other pain 

Forgotten how to love and be kind 

We had played games back and forth 

Constantly in my mind 


We had said goodbye 

Many times before 

Yet each moment we did 

I was quick to reopen the door 


I had searched far and wide 

Wondering if I should let you go 

But here I am at your doorstep 

Telling you the answer is “no” 


I found it in a feather 

White as a wedding gown 

The help I had been seeking 

Suddenly fluttered down 


He was my undoing 

And I let him be 

I wouldn’t have thought that today 

It would have happened to me 


Here we are still 

Decisions left to choose 

What is your choice? 

Who are you going to lose?


If it is me 

Like I think it is 

Let me go quietly 

You, my love, I will miss

◄ A Little Distance (will do us some good)

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Wed 22nd Jan 2020 01:36

This is beautiful! Filled with much emotion, well done.

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Tue 21st Jan 2020 20:15

Great work here, Cait!

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