In your arms I sail away 

a tiny little boat created in the safety of a body I know so well 

floating in an endless sea where good dreams and bad nightmares may find me 

despite this safety, I am nothing but vulnerable

this lifeboat may survive it all 

if only it is strong enough to surpass it 

I ought to have known better 

should have recognised the signs 

there is an impasse ahead 

but which way do I steer?


Into dreamland I am falling 

but without a paddle I am getting lost in something dark and treacherous 

there is only so much the safety of you, can do 

and I am left powerless in its wake 

exhausted days and the ever-present lows 

this bad dreamland has haunted me today 


The nightmares are Earth-shattering 

I have seen you die at least ten times by now 

at the hands of an intruder 

at the hands of God 

I am powerless still

but I am grateful for when I awaken 

and escape the bad dreamland 

there you are to silence my worries in the early morning 

so that when the sun rises again 

dreamland cannot haunt me much further 

for I am wrapped in your embrace

like strong walls against the stones that threaten to fall on me 


and sometimes the good dreamland comes, too

I am gifted with the promise of a future I have prayed for 

I have wished for 

I dream for 

with you by my side, fantasies I had not yet imagined could be possible 

are materialised in front of me

the good dreamland gives me nothing but hope 

for more good days ahead with you 


you are a life jacket despite the cruel depths of the ocean 

a red flare guiding me home 

the way your lips call my name, it is enough to lead me out of this maze that I find myself tangled in 

call my name again, let me find my way back to you 

let me find a way out of dreamland

(whether bad or good) 

so that I can come back to the present 

with you 


- you are a God-given gift

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Mon 23rd Mar 2020 02:18

May all your dreams come true!! Stay happy and blessed always??

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