reincarnation in the debris

despite all of this sadness

and fear 

that is so deeply rooted in the veins of each person I love 


it is a good moment to settle down 

take a breath 

and enjoy the silence 


in the sun we are at peace 

it is time to be grateful for all that is pure 

all that we are gifted by the hands of God 

it is time to restore some faith that we have lost 

allow this day to remind us 

that there is good 

and there will be good again 


I find it in the birds chirping on my windowsill as I sit and sip coffee 

quietly, letting the thrum of my heartbeat ground me to this second 

I do not let the fear creep in 


I find it in the crinkle around your eyes as you laugh 

you are far away, but there will be time 

to be reunited again 


I find it in the warmth of fresh linens out of the tumble dryer 

with the floral fabric conditioner my mother uses 

still lingering in the air 


it will not always be like this 

and although we are surrounded by chaos 

it is a good time to remember who we are 

who we have been 

and who we have become 

there is no better time to reflect 

than now 

◄ Final Closure

Out of the Darkness / Into the Light ►


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