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Chocolate Tree

There once stood a chocolate tree, a bearer of desires. 

Its leaves melted when it inhaled passion.

Its fruits of fire

Set ablaze lands, verdant and barren.

Its bark was festooned in ribbons

Of rich gold and smooth caramel. 

Like Midas' touch, gluttony abundant,

The tree was nothing short of magical.

I basked in the shadow of the canopy

Atop the chocolate capped grass bl...

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Can We Pretend

Can we pretend
     social media highlights
     are every day life.

Can we pretend
     children aren't starving,
     neglected or abused.

Can we pretend
     Mother Earth will
     pardon our plundering.

Can we pretend 
     animals don’t suffer 
     for our gluttonous pleasure.

Can we pretend
     greed doesn't 
     fuel disease.

Can we pretend
     God is real and 

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Self Destruction

Eskimos bury
The handle of
A razor-sharp knife,
Bearing a lump of
Frozen meat, to be precise
Layers of  blood In the wilderness of ice.
Lured Wolfs gather round it
And unaware their own
Snow-frozen tongues they slit
They voraciously lick, lick and lick
Along with own blood, hot and tick.

'What a windfall luck! '
They think
'We are feeding on our blood! '
Before comes to their hea...

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