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I've come a long way

Peaceful mornings turned into mourning nights 


Yes, I've come a long way


Heartfelt smiles hindered behind the heartbroken tears 


Yes, I've come a long way


Endless thoughts occupied in lieu of endless talks


Yes, I've come a long way


Dreams of life suppressed by the mares of struggles 


Yes, I've come a long way


Shrieks of tickled pink c...

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lifegrowing older


Minutes run and hours pass

Just as sand in the hourglass.

What was black, now is gray.

Carpe diem, seize the day.

If you wait until tomorrow,

This will only bring much sorrow.

Do not forget to breathe fresh air

And escape the banal world's affairs.

Can you find what really matters?

If you do, your chains will shatter.

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lifelivingrebirthgrowing-upgrowing older

As I get older …

As I get older …

The memories

become more painful


you would think…

 so far from the source

that they would have faded to a



But they shine brighter …

Than the first inflicted blows


Like a mosquito

Bloated on blood

Saving themselves


Til now

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growing oldertime memories

I am


You don’t see me

when you airbrush

fill, lift, 


You don’t see me

when you homogenize, 




My skin’s not alabaster.







My curves don’t conform

to your limited map

of bosom and butt.

My body



its own sweet



I am 


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body imagegrowing olderstrong women

Growing Up

I am fifteen years old and I think I own the world.

I have a boyfriend and he loves me.

He yells at me but that is okay, he loves me.

He shoves me but that is okay, he loves me.

He slapps me but that is okay, he loves me.

He holds me down as I yell and scream because it hurts but that is okay, he loves me.


I am sixteen years old and I escaped my first abusive relationship.


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abusedomestic abusegrowinggrowing olderinternal struggleslam poetry

The Head Of The Wise

“The Head of the Wise”


The head of the wise is crowned with gray

Though few will listen to what they say


There lives have blessed with many years

Still how they're treated can bring them tears


Then as the gray hairs turn to white

They loose their hearing and then their sight


Some say their cranky and though that is true

Still they need love from me and y...

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growing older

Please Don't Grow Up

We all couldn't wait

To grow up, to get out

To fully understand

What the world was about

Only to find

On the other side

The beauty we saw

As a child, had died

The day turned to night

The blue turned to gray

The innocence of life

Had faded away.

So many dreams

Now seem cast down

Remember when difficult

Meant choosing marker or crayon?

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growing olderpoetrylovepoemshort poemexperiencelife



The advice comes from everywhere

The 'Spin Doctors' getting bolder

With lots of little anecdotes

To stop us getting older


So read it, take it all on board

You don't want any grief

Two minutes a day is all it takes

For you to floss your teeth


Two minutes hopping on each leg

"It's so good for the hip"

Where the hell does that come from?

It makes me wan...

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advicebreakfastgrowing olderhealthrant

Young and wrinkly

Young and wrinkly


You are not getting old

But numerically you've advanced

No, you're not getting old

You're just chronologically enhanced.


You are not growing up

But of this much I am sure

To avoid growing up

We must become more immature.


We must dance until our joints creak

And sing until we can't speak,

Laugh until our lungs ache

And love until ...

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Birthdayageyouthyoungwrinklyoldgrowing older


My eyesight’s going

My nasal hair is growing

And my hair now looks so grey


My knees are creaking

My elbow joints are squeaking

And my voice won’t work today


As I sit down on the tiles

It’s not good for my piles

And I start to really feel my age today


My back it sometimes aches

My favourite meal is now Corn Flakes

No one cares about what I might have ...

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ageinggrowing olderlonelinessreal life

Jimmy, do you remember me?

Do you remember me Jimmy from all those years ago?

I was the young guy and you the old hand

Do you remember when you said;

‘This job will do me until I retire?’

You were a bus driver and I was your conductor

And even you’d be impressed with what I do today

and how far I’ve travelled from those distant days on the road.

The thing is I thought of you the other day

For the fir...

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growing olderlife

30 Steps


The city is drenched in gold tonight

The sea is silver, like my temples

My hands feel older now than ever

But my mind and my grip is so much surer

Than back when I was younger;


I've run from love when it got tough

My hair was bleached in boiling light

I helped as many people as I could

Still, my thoughts were darkened in the wilderness

Felt alone in crowds of s...

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Birthdaysgrowing oldergrowing-upseaturning 30

Manchester Ritz

Manchester Ritz


Manchester Ritz, the glam n' the glitz

dancehall days, it's a ballroom blitz!

sticky carpets, sweaty armpits

see her dress, it just about fits

have a dance, or prop up the bar

glittering balls, a dancefloor star

see that girl, I can see her bra

watch her move, she's the best by far

sexy girls, crazy drunken nights

low cut tops, minis...

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