Mary came from the south part of town
She had a secret about many of the guys around
Never had a true friend every one tries to tear her down
Walking downtown is all she knows
Given paper love, she has the control
What she wanted was love that was good for the soul

Mary Soul
You have a friend
He doesn't care where you walk or stroll
He loves you for your soul

Mary had dreams
But didn't know where they could take her
One friend believed in her
He knew she was a woman and not a girl
She wanted to follow his path
But she didn't know she was on a path of her own
Her soul will take her places that she never known

Mary Soul
You gave all you had for the memory of a friend
One day you will see him again
And walk places with him you've never been

Mary knows good friends are rare
To many, they just get in her hair
It is good to have one that really cares
With him, she doesn't care if anyone stairs
Because that good friend is there

Mary Soul
You shouldn't have to work for love
Or worry where it comes from
The rain will bring it down from above

©Copyright 2016 Thomas Dooley

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