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North Bridge

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The question always asked is "why?"
Young people come to this place to die
At that spot located just leaving town
where people stand on the edge looking down

When life hasn't worked out
When it's no longer "ok to talk"
The path they have chosen is the one they have chosen to walk

No audience, no fanfare
No clues
Just another reported suicide in the local news

"Hell and Halifax" sti...

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The Wasp

She is dead already,

those eyes have murdered her.

They shut her inside jars,

scream their pain, projection.

She needs not to sting humans

but she is overwhelmed.

Searching for open windows,

A chance to kill herself. 

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You Keep Saying

They keep saying call I did, no one answered I wish they listened more and posted less I wish I knew just how to pass this test I'm hurting, heavy laden, and down I'm waiting on prayer to turn me around It's almost mythical to believe they care enough to hear what you say and give you a better response than continue to pray I know why they dying because its killing me They keep saying call I did, ...

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suicide awareness


Pain hurts in the middle of the day, in the middle of the night and in many other ways
It masks itself as shame and keeps calling your name
You're nothing 
You're worthless
You're alone
Calling out to the God who says He cares 
But finding silence and distant stares
I want to be happy
I want to be whole
I want to be free of the ghost that haunts me
Haunting my days and wrestling with my nights
They won't let...

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battleGood and evilsuicide awareness

Trigger Warning

I see it everywhere,

being laughed about, tormented

“Ha! Triggered!”

If only it could be prevented.


This generation needs to grow up

stop being so damn sensitive

a bunch of babies who can’t cope

well how about you stop being so damn negative?


“Kill yourself!”

Ha, wait, is that a trigger?

Not yet, but it will be

when you realize you’re the killer


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A Million Questions Unanswered

It's just another typical night out with the lads
the beers are flowing 
and shots are being downed
while shamelessly flirting with a hen party
enjoying a night on the town.

See that fella over there?
Aye that's the one
life and soul of the party
filling the air with banter and bravado
a proper man's man
tough as old boots he is.
Captain of his local rugby team
he's got hands like shov...

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