Fight Defeat

Suicide is not cowardly, but it’s not brave
Everyone says you become wiser with age
But is that really the case when most of us live in our own defeat?
Everyone sits happily, afraid to show their true selves; afraid to show they’re weak
You don’t have to accept defeat, you can fight it, you don’t have to be meek

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 12th Aug 2020 12:26

I certainly concur with positivity in life. I wonder though if there can
be circumstances in which the mental faculties suffer an aberration
via some chemical change brought on by stress (es) of a certain sort.
I say that because years ago I endured a degree of depression
due to a conflict of inner and external forces. In my own case I
made a conscious positive decision to repeatedly instruct myself
that it was a passing thing that could be dealt with - and over a
following period that approach worked and the phase duly passed,
never to return.
However, without that attitude or perhaps in far more serious
circumstances, the pressures to end an "unbearable" existence
might prove too great to resist for some unfortunate souls.

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