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Trigger Warning

I see it everywhere,

being laughed about, tormented

“Ha! Triggered!”

If only it could be prevented.


This generation needs to grow up

stop being so damn sensitive

a bunch of babies who can’t cope

well how about you stop being so damn negative?


“Kill yourself!”

Ha, wait, is that a trigger?

Not yet, but it will be

when you realize you’re the killer


You think “trigger warning” means nothing

well you’re right

because it’s not what you say

It’s not the jokes you make that i think about at night


I know why you make jokes

It’s because you don’t know

you’re innocent, protected

there’s been nothing in your life that made you grow


I am not triggered by the thing you wrote on facebook

or the things you say to your friends

No I am “triggered”, by sounds, by thoughts, by patterns

by the way I know some lives ends.


Every time I see a blue and white,

Long, and boring striped dress

I remember the way it laid there

I re-live that immediate stress


When I hear a siren

I don’t pull over my car

I pull over my mind

I remember hearing it when it wasn’t as far.


A knock on the door

such a simple thing

for anyone expecting company

Please don’t knock, it makes my ears ring.


When you experience something so traumatic

that your day to day life is effected

that you had to witness in your very home

you cant help but think what would be different if you hadn’t neglected


So when you laugh

With the people you love

About someone being “triggered”

think about the thoughts i’ve had to get rid of


Think about the soldiers who have PTSD

Would you make fun of them?

Would you laugh at the warriors

As they suffer and their minds go numb?


Trigger warning.

Knock knock

Trigger warning.

I hope you never experience this aftershock.


Trigger warning.

We’d make the jokes too

We’d laugh and poke fun.

Up until her lips were blue.


Knock knock

I’d walk in and laugh on her bed

Knock knock

Up until she was lying there, dead.

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