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Never plan anything

that’s my motto

And if you can leave something till tomorrow

then leave it

Don’t think about loved ones

-Love no one

And consider yourself first and foremost

above everyone and everything

Don’t get involved

and don’t feel bad about leaving something


Any money you make -spend on yourself

and don’t start thinking about other peoples feelings

cos that’s a one way ticket to a thing called love

and that’s a thing you’re mostly undeserving of

No, don’t care

don’t ever care

and if you find yourself getting closer to someone

and you start to have feelings;

Don’t you dare!

Because then you’d have to plan things

You wouldn’t be able to put off things

You’d have to think about loved ones

and put yourself second after those ones

and spend money on someone else

cos that’s what happens when you get a dose of love

As much as you think the world of



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M.C. Newberry

Fri 19th Jul 2013 14:07

An interesting premise...with love as its primary ambition and reason.
One thing I stand by:
Looking after number one enables a person to possess the attributes necessary for the care of others.

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Mon 15th Jul 2013 09:57

I think you have very interesting things to say and you say them in a very effective way.
Best wishes, Starfish

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