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You call me selfish for trying to take what is mine, and mine only, and do with it as I wish


Your claim and the belief behind it, is even more so


And, though you may not realize, all you are doing is prioritizing your pain over mine


You pacify your fear of heartache with my suffering


So tell me true, if you were in my shoes - if you overlooked your own feelings to e...

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EmpathyIfIWishItmankind's selfishnessmineselfishselfishnesssympathy

Goodbye, Gaston





My uncle, Gaston,
mum's bro (1-yr apart),
died whilst I cradled him
in the crook of me arms.

He lay there bliss-filled
Faint lustre of his boyhood charms.

It was a waiting game
& he was hanging on.
He held back the Ripper's blade
Unmindful that he'd had it made.

I whis...

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