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Cast away

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Love is love they say as their loveless mouths spit each syllable like a foulness upon their tastebuds. All the while spouting poisonous scriptures on why your kind of love is not adhered to, not seen, not recognised.


And if it is not recognised, but you still dare to live outside their boundaries, you are cast away.


Family is everything, they speak as though that ought to be enough reason to succumb to every pressure, accept every responsibility while maintaining a life you did not ask for. An excuse in their eyes… To endure every suffering, every trauma and trouble ones family must face ‘together’ for the sake of duty, all while neglecting your own needs, your own well-being, your own future.


And if you do not fulfil your duties, and dare attempt to focus upon your own life, you are selfish, ungrateful… You are cast away.


It doesn’t matter what race you are, they speak while discrimination drips from every word, every thought, feeling and intention, left unspoken but very well heard in the actions pressed against those who have to fight to live fairly. Those who have to struggle more than them. Those who would give anything for acceptance, equality and acknowledgement. For rights long snatched from their very grip.


But should they dare fight for their freedom and right to live freely like the rest of us, to seek a privilege entitled to them more than deserved, they are cast away.


Be a man they say, as they beat you down each year of your life until you’re too cold for love and too jaded to care… Weathered by the degradation, humiliation of societal standards… Grating you, shaping you to be emotionless and strong, to be merciless, to fight, to provide, to be fearless.


And if you dare to let fear enter your heart, or a tear fall down your face, you are cast away.


Be a woman they say, pretty dolls wearing make up, forever battling with their self image, never full enough, never thin enough, never beautiful enough, never submissive enough, never… enough. As society forces your mouth with premeditated words for some subjects, forces your lips closed upon others.


And if you dare to speak up for yourself and reveal your voice, you go unheard and you are cast away.


Gender is gender is what they will say to the boy who craves dresses or the girl who longs to play with the boys toys, to the kid that stares at pink and blue and longs to see purple instead. To the child who doesn’t connect to any such stereotype, to the one that connects with all… Unknowingly crushing the dreams of many for desiring not what they have received at birth.


And if the boy dares to put on the dress or the girl dares to play with the boys toys, they are cast away.


Religion, faith and belief is that what they will preach upon the outcasts, if you pray and repent, you will be forgiven and yet, aren’t you made to be in the very image of their gods? Should you not be accepted and loved, forgiven and cherished regardless of all that segregates you from everyone else?

Should you not feel loved, accepted, strong and beautiful regardless of what they say?


Should you not be allowed to be yourself, your TRUE self, without reprimand or fear of being excluded or having your own beliefs invalidated?


Who you love, who your family is, what race you are, your gender or gender identity, your beliefs, or lack thereof… Just know this… hear the words that I speak, the words that I preach and the words that I say… You are loved, cherished, accepted, strong, beautiful and unique. 


And you will never again be cast away.





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