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It was from the Heart

The Voice came tentatively to the stage

considered, loved.

It was needed but fragile.


The lights were bright.

A murmur from the audience

And at centerstage was the Voice.


Time ticked by slowly.

Tick, Tick

The murmur somewhat louder now

Tick Tick

anger palpable.

Many groups once divided, now together with burning Indignation

glaring at that stage.



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the voicereconciliationreferendum

Death Card

When you think that something is dead and buried, but it keeps resurrecting itself unexpectedly...

A Wilderness

A Wonderland

Of bones

When your alone

You end up there


Fantasy flesh and tendons

Tend to latch on

To muscular musings

Confusing you

Rummaging in discouragement

Appointed master

In dissaapointment duties

Eternally denied

The luxury of satisfa...

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Sun Snatcher

When you see the sun setting behind the black clouds,

his rays stretched towards you in the hope of rescue,

and you know it’s not his time to leave,

it’s not dusk yet,

what do you do?


Stay still, stay calm.

Kiss him goodbye.

Make yourself a cup of tea,

sit by the fire, read a book, and wait.

Wait for he shall return soon.

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We are at war


We are at war 

and I should not be calm.

We are on the battleground 

Holding our castles 

and guarding our rights and riches.


We, you and me, are at war my love 

And I should not find peace.



You and I built the bridges and burnt the forests 

You and I conquered the mounts and rode the vales

You and I ploughed the ...

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Alien Feelings

Alien Feelings


Shattered, splinters of midnight

caressing and glancing off skin.

White, frozen beams of moonlight

that spotlight two strangers dancing.

Electric blue, cutting through mist

as a small, fair hand is held near –

then a blinding flash as two lovers kiss

and a slow, gentle, ebbing of fear.


Eyes drawing near, then cutting like lasers


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alienfeelingsdifferent speciesmen from marswomen from venuslovereconciliation

Goodbye, Gaston





My uncle, Gaston,
mum's bro (1-yr apart),
died whilst I cradled him
in the crook of me arms.

He lay there bliss-filled
Faint lustre of his boyhood charms.

It was a waiting game
& he was hanging on.
He held back the Ripper's blade
Unmindful that he'd had it made.

I whis...

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A Reimagining

Sonnets are meant to be about romance

and love.

You know? All that's good.

But why should form be contained,

can one not make love to the page

in their own expression?

I can,

and will.

Imagination like a dodgems car,

wild yet bumpy.

And I guess that's what love is,

you can try to steer in the right direction

but there will always be obstacl...

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