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What mistake can you make that I haven't already?






Your horizon's my pleasure to roll back.

Wonder at my knowledge.


Now shared.

Steps taken.


Taken once. 

And I show you. 

Teach you. 

The way.


You step solid here.

Lean on this.


Into you.


I see you.

Hear you.

Know you ask th...

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brothercome of agegrowing upnurture

Early first quarter reveiw

entry picture

The month that doesn't meet its promise

a transitionary turn of days

"blow winds blow"


Some chutes press the earth early

to be trod down by untimely disorder

people manoeuvre into position

knowing change is coming

but not quite yet


Imaginary god's take fake break's

letting go of gaia's reigns

by its end

April is the encroaching start line


The fron...

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Spring Tanka

A winter bite that

mocks the spring, pincers its cocoon.

A life supported?

Cease one's internal decay,

Even ice melts. Love's fluidity.

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Rain in the Summertime

entry picture



Raindrops trickle on the forest's brow
Forming transparent puddles,
That reflect your querying face
And catches the dream of a moment.

Storm cells brew on the radar,
Fearful in their presence as they pass
Life on the brink of forever's portals
Until thunder morphs into cuddles .

In the streams your form takes shape,
Eyes that gaze with hope and love
Flowing into ...

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