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A poem about a dream

As I took a breath, this morning
I wondered what it'd be
To be a body without life
and a body without feel

What feels like such a trauma
is also a reason to live
Cuz this is how we learn to fly after a fall
and how we dare to dare

I've known a lot of stories
and eyes that would tell more tales
But not every soul would speak up
nor every silence would stay put

I longed to take a step fo...

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Post Meditation

I grow the interest to know who thinks me,

I am still and silent at first,

The breath moves, I am given life,

I am in it, of it and with it,

The same as you, I am


I notice that my form is a vessel,

But I am not my form,

My thoughts run like programs

But I am not my thoughts

my emotions are felt deeply

But I am not my emotions


My body a sensory interpreter


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Tomorrow I Will Retire


Teach me to understand the fineness!

Wean me from boredom and laziness!

Manifest to me many times kindness!

I am your slave, but… please…

Don’t put me on my knees!

I love you, I love you my father and mother,

I strongly believe in the great mystery of yours,

Only you can forgive me as I am a sinner,

Only you can understand me and do not curse.

I am ...

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my life

met a nice gothgal and also could have been killed 30/7/11



After a varied night out where I met varied people including a Welsh Goth in Satan’s hollow, I returned home. Loaded up with 8 pints of beer and kebab and chips, I did the half an hour two mile walk home from trouble filled Oldham. Don’t want any kicking off at 3:30am. Making my way past the park, it happened. I saw 4 Asians walking down the middle of the road. I finishe...

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Something about me

entry picture


I will tell you about me like this:

I will never be tall,

I will never be small,

I will never be a man,

I will never be a football fan.

I would certainly like to have coffee in bed,

but  it looks so sad,

as I’ll have to get up,

without any make up,

then … to dress, then to undress.

I will never jump as high as 2 meters,

because…I won’t be able t...

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my life

I am not.....

entry picture

I am not the sun,

I do not radiate light,

I like to have fun,

don't like to fight.

I am not the sun,

I can't live alone,

even having fun

I'd like to be flown.

Someone calls me sunny

and I certainly like it,

but prefer to hear honey,

for me it's more a fit.

I am not the sun,

I am just a woman.

Yes, I like to have fun

but dream about a true man.

I am not an angel,


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my life

I am one of those.....

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I am one of those who likes to live,

to be a friend and to forgive.

I am one of those who hates a lie,

if it were for me a war I would deny.

I am one of those who likes to dream,

if to play games then in a family team.

I am one of those who likes to sing

and listen to the bells ring.

I am one of those who likes to laugh,

the time with my dear ones is no...

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my life

If I am strong

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If I am strong.

Is it a compliment to be strong?
I think it's not that and it's wrong.
If I am strong
Do I have to ignore my feelings?
They think I am like a steel
And will survive and cope with any drilling.
If I am strong
I would  be able to overcome all those shrill feelings.
Is it really wrong to be strong?
But what should I do with my feelings?
It's so painful to be s...

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my life

I like to live my own life

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I can smile,

Though sometimes it's so hard to do.

I can laugh,

Though sometimes the tears are running down.

I can look sometimes so lightminded,

And...sometimes...so thoughtful.

I can joke, I can bear a lot of things,

But...sometimes I can't give away my offences,

And can't stand any pretences.

And...at those horrible moments

My soul pains hardly.

Fortunately, nobody can s...

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my life


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I feared I was the burning bush, 

Yet I was not consumed,

I cried for a season, all of winter,

But now I am approved.

Pour the wine, and we shall feast,

Landlocked, in the land of east,

Once I ever saw the sea,

The waves are calling me.

I dwell on top, of a middle-class hill,

The pre-adult grand old duke of present,

I live here, not against my will,


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I am as I am

entry picture

I think it doesn't sound strange

if I don't want to be changed

but... just to be as I am.

I often hear some people say:

you ought, you should, you must.

You should work hard

and do everything fast.

But...I am grateful to the Lord

and take it as a reward

to be as I am.

There are some people

who want to meet me,

they say they need me;

but...most of them greet me

as I a...

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my life

growing Up well

My life is not an open book
for just anyone to read
yet my life has no secrets
that cannot be revealed.

some people revel in revelation
Some like to gossip a lot
some like to know secrets
Thinking it puts them on top.

Truth is the more you know
the less able you are to discern
So busy gathering secrets
you forget to learn

that Life is its own revelation
We should just ...

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