big lots

he wakes up everyday---but only for them.

he showers, eats, and goes to work---but only for them.

he holds back his sadness and depression---but only for them.

he doesn't want his useless and meaningless state of life to affect their outlook. if anything they should be happy.

although he never hugs or says i love you, they know.

although he never showed up to any of her games, she still thinks he's proud of her.

although he never told her she was beautiful, she hopes he thinks she is.

he is a simple man. very serious.

a man too afraid to show his daughter love.

so afraid to feel something that he decides to feel nothing instead.


in his mind numbness is easier than feeling other's sadness and pain.


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Paul Sayer

Fri 31st Jul 2020 07:50

I have been deeply touched by your poem Brook, and Nicola's comment.

My Son and his wife have lost two children, and I would have taken both of their places in a heartbeat... Knowing my loss would have been devastating to many. But far easier to overcome.

I have lived my life, neither of their lives even began.

Still I cry.

Nicola Beckett

Wed 15th Jul 2020 00:13

OMG I would have died for a daughter xxx

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