Our Vets

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Our Vets
What are we to do regarding our war veterans?
They served and fought for their country
Many paid the ultimate price dying in a far off foreign land
Or were injured by enemy action often carrying the mental scars
The cost of being a veteran for freedom the freedom that we take for granted
It's been like this since the 20th Century Wars and soldiers on and on
You all know the wars and dates but do you know that the veterans suffer?
Some end up in jail others live on the streets And many commit suicide

What of 17 who died in VA carparks? What are we to do about this?
This is in America but what of the UK? The veterans there have the same issues
There are many charities helping out they have millions in the bank
How could that cash help our vets? And what else can be done to help?

Ending wars will never happen but ending veterans suicide must
These service people fought for us each one must be cared for
As we would our own children for one time they were our defence
Now we must defend them help them in regard their new enemies
The depression and suicide and stigma because what if you were a veteran?
With the wars still in your head their lives must be valued
As must what they did serving their nations in war
Till peace reigns the issue is here safeguarding our veterans
Like they did for us...


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