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a photo of a closed-lipped smirk (12/31/2023)


worn smooth by the babble

the chuckling familiar notes

then folded out once more 

like shared and scented laundry:

)avender sprigs; coffee tins

in high cupboards

used RVs


these textures live so close to me

a scrawl of shag carpets

finely raked

and gently oiled 

dutch paneling 

grasping lazily 

halfway up

half way

to the walls of chil...

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i love youamelioratesmilelaugh linesmemory

wwC7 Amelia Earhart 0514 (10/28/23)

like a dipped oak 
an aegis of honey-words 
folded in layers 
carefully made gifts
(tho hastily wrapped)
best taken while still soft
still hot
like candied ginger pressed
 between lips parted in awe
in rapture 

the steam of kitchens and
the drawing of breath
tumbling bedshapes 
and knowable 

like a waxen wood countertop 
dangling incandescence

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daydreamnightdreami love youi really dofearskywardwarmthoil

it’s mostly sadness, overall

it’s mostly sadness overall 

though every time i turn that corner, i think of her smile.


                        i only have words for her 


though i cannot speak them so she will hear, i wish i would have said them. 



                                i love you. 


and the dirt couldn’t say it back, so silence is my gift from her. silence, and the way i still th...

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i love yousad poemsgrief

Let me be; Set me free

kiss me on the mouth

let me be; set me free

to be trapped against you

pain I wish nothing on

to wrap arms you know

i can not deny

when to hold her brings joy

let me know

let me be; set me free

wish against me not away

to understand nothing is a void

unhappiness be where you know not

do not fight, my love

endings to soon to show

but listen to direction and ...

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lovepainendbeginningquitbelieveherhimmei love you

My love

My love, I let you down

I promised I'd be there but started to drown


My love, I was in over my head

Why did we pass ships at night as we climbed into bed


My love, the only love for me

I just want to say sorry, I am so fucking sorry 


My love, I see your face everywhere

There's not one other face that could compare


My love, my beautiful friend

You were ...

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i love youlove poetrysorryfemalepoetryexpressionpoetromance


The first time I saw you I had to pour out my heart and drink it down.

Not like a poison but a love fuelled potion.

You have a beautiful persuasion, you have this magical notion.


I know that it's not just the view of the palm trees,

I can see it in everything you believe.

When you smile its so innocent and sweet,

It's such a cliche it knocks me off my feet,

I hold on hope...

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love poetrysoulmatesi love youlustlove and romance

Please Come Back

















Please come back

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poetryplease come backi love youi miss youemptydyingyoung love




I'm not sure how to tell you.
Three words are harder than I expected.
They lie in my texts and rest in my head,
My heart is too busy being in
Love with you. I think I said it.
Don't freak, I just don't think
I can repeat it. Just
Say it to me first.
I love you.


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loveI love you

I Miss You

Am I allowed to express this?

I’m never quite sure during these times

When you need you

This energy builds up inside me

Wanting to screech out 

How beautiful you are to me

How you inspire me to keep going

How every time I get the privilege

of hearing your voice

my soul flutters to your cadance?

You have healing powers beyond your knowledge

Is it ok, will you get ma...

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Dzlovemiss youI miss youi love you

How Are You

How are you?
What are you thinking about?
Why are you thinking that?
Where does your heart go?
Does your soul fly?
Can you see clearly?
Did it help?
What didn't help?
How is your soul?
How is your heart?
What do you think about?
How are you?

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how are youzachlovewhyheartsoullovelorn soulmateworriedi love you

A Promise to You (Z)(11/01/2017)

A promise to you,

if you are willing.


You and I are worth it

No, that's not right

We are ALL worth it

We are all worth the work

and with that work divided

the load is lighter

I would love to meet her

I would love to love her

To see what you see in her

Because I know it's pure and right for you

She is wonderful

I know she is already

There's one thing w...

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Not This Way (Z) (11/20/17)

I still scroll your page

Keeping my distance

I cry, but not because I'm hurt

My tears are for you

My hope is for you

My person is better for loving you

So for that, if that person isn't me for you

Acceptance is necessary

You are my life, my soul, my love

I never cared if others are in your life

As long as they made you happy

I guess I'm just sad

That I can no lo...

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but pleasei don't hate youi love youlovepleasepromisetake your timezachpolypolyamorous

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