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Mid January


No one else can judge me

Only God who reads hearts

People have abused me

When I reach fake of the facts


If you believe you're the master

And you can judge and lead

Surely you lose the only factor

That keeps you faithful indeed


Leave me alone fair and simple

I have to forget tens of lies

You should break your false temple

Wake up please .. open your e...

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The world warped on the skin
Colors meld together
Yet remain seperate
Watching, observing


At times the art is good
At times it would rather burn
A bubble still remains
Lurking in the air
Nothing to say

Not even a thank you

Orbs that stare
Orbs that judge
Unfair, these transparent shields
Bubbles are free
They roam where the current takes them

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a particular someone checks my blogsand i know who it isit's just not fairhe is allowed to block me on everythingbut he gets to stalk my pagesi'm not angryi just wish you'd at least talk to meeven as a fellow artisteven as a friendi know you go to my ask pageso just message meplease

Not This Way (Z) (11/20/17)

I still scroll your page

Keeping my distance

I cry, but not because I'm hurt

My tears are for you

My hope is for you

My person is better for loving you

So for that, if that person isn't me for you

Acceptance is necessary

You are my life, my soul, my love

I never cared if others are in your life

As long as they made you happy

I guess I'm just sad

That I can no lo...

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but pleasei don't hate youi love youlovepleasepromisetake your timezachpolypolyamorous

Please believe i was lost before this

You have limited yourself to me

How can I know anything

Besides that I was already fucked

Before you met me

I want you to not be the honest

Man you are being

But I cant ask that

To remake you

Change you into a lesser being

You don’t deserve someone

Who'd ask you to.

And I think the silence you give me

Is you saying you know it to

You have been trying to let g...

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was lostnow foundlovei seethe lightpleasedont leave

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