Daily Battle

Your ghost lingers

Our connection is still open

I can feel your highs and lows

I can feel your anger and love

It hurts

Everything hurts

Do you feel mine

Can you feel how alone I feel?

Knowing that now

With the only one gone

There is none left who can decipher what I’m saying

“The sky is blue,” I could say

“The sky is light blue” is the common response

No one ...

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Specifically, Then, Why?



Why did you imply I’m an addict?

Why did you imply that I use my mental illness as an excuse?

Do you realize that you did either of those?

Why do you think you couldn’t make me happy?

Why did you say such mean things?

Why did you keep me so close only to tear me away layer by layer?

Why did you unfriend me after saying you wanted to be friends?

Why did you leav...

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Everything Has Changed

… not even angry orchard tastes the same.

Why did you touch everything in my life?

I feel as though I’m covered in your prints

Traces of you everywhere I go

Told the bartender

He kept asking about you

but maybe it was an excuse to talk to me

Who am I kidding? That’s a laugh

Rid me of your ghost

Just for a short while

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This is starting to piss me off

This thing the universe is doing

Where you’re everywhere now

Walt Whitman wrote a beautiful and loving poem

About community, inclusion, equality, and love

I Sing The Body Electric in harmony with Whitman

My soul enraptured by his words of truth

For school I must write an analytical essay

And for the life of me

I have no argument to really ...

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Snow Day

Snow Day

One cannot simply ignore this

Superstitions do not normally get my attention

That is, until premonition fruition

Hindsight and all

Yet while the bayous have snow

Rain taps my window pain

I cannot ignore this sign

This message

I will not see snow this year,

Perhaps for many years to come

Snow is too pure to be touched by my tainted skin

Yet still I pray ...

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Pick Up (A Selfish Poem)

Your Skype signed in again
It’s so tempting to call you
There’s a voice screaming at me to just
Pick up the phone
Just pick up the phone
Against every urge
I’m silent, all except these prose
I must stay silent
Must wait
Wait for what?
For the message, the text, the phone call
Another voice tells me
That will never happen
Selfishly, I want you to miss me
I want to make you miss me

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dzloveheartbreaklong distancemissi miss youi miss you alreadydepressionanxietyadhdselfishi am allowed to have selfish feelingsbut i refuse to act selfish anymorethis is my outletSometimes I wake up still thinking of youthinking of you

I Miss You

Am I allowed to express this?

I’m never quite sure during these times

When you need you

This energy builds up inside me

Wanting to screech out 

How beautiful you are to me

How you inspire me to keep going

How every time I get the privilege

of hearing your voice

my soul flutters to your cadance?

You have healing powers beyond your knowledge

Is it ok, will you get ma...

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Dzlovemiss youI miss youi love you

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