I’ve peeled off my skin for you 

I’ve let you crunch my bones,

Consume beyond my flesh

Beyond my visceral tissues

Beyond my beating heart

Beyond the fibres of my being

Down to my soul

I’ve let you gobble up my spirit

I’ve let you slurp up my mind

Lick the lasting crumbs

of my emotions

Everything in me

Everything making me, me

All that constructs me

All that keeps me standing

Holds me up

Keeps me going

Is yours

It lies bare before you

It’s in your hands

I’ve given it to you

To do what you will with

I pray you keep me safe

I pray you protect me

I pray you nurture me

But nothing is certain

You could break me

I could shatter in your hands

The remnants of me could fall onto the floor

I don’t know how well I could be put back together

If at all

I just pray you keep me intact

I just pray you keep me at all

Because I’m yours now

It terrifies me

I usually keep layers back

Lock fragments away

In my safe of safety

But this time

I exploded into you

You asked me to jump

I shook my head

You asked 

I edged

You asked

I inched

You asked

I finally leapt 

Into your arms

You’re all that keeps me up here

You’re all that keeps me from the floor

And you could drop me

You could destroy me

I just hope

You don’t

That’s all

You have my all

So that’s all

You are my all

That’s all

Do you get it?

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Alexandra Parapadakis

Tue 28th Feb 2023 19:15

Perhaps submission is a part of it. For me, it is the fear of being vulnerable, letting go, and letting someone fully have me and my love - because of all the risk that comes with that. It's a tale as old as time: people want true love and yet nobody wants to risk everything (especially guarded people like me) to experience it... but true love cannot be attained without risking everything. True joy requires sacrifice and sometimes pain. I guess a connection cannot be built without vulnerability and some sort of submission

P.S. I've switched my middle name and forename, just a preference

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Graham Sherwood

Tue 28th Feb 2023 09:28

Gosh! a deep dive into submission?
This sounds almost sacrificial. Is that what you intended?
Totally expressive writing as usual from you.
What prompted the name change?

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