Endless miles of ocean stretching out before them,

compass needle wandering wildly, only option to fly

by the sun and hope for a miracle, their miracle.

Blue sky overhead for a thousand horizons,

nature’s world, mankind here is a guest,

as the small Electra plane is buffeted by turbulence,

two people aboard start to panic.

Where are we? We aren’t meant to be lost.

Of all my records, all my achievements,

it has to go wrong on this, my final hour.

Engines splutter, fuel gone. Got to glide

down to the ocean or find an atoll.

Just one chance to do this, lower and lower

the two of us and our plane falls.

Here we go, bellying onto the sea, one jolt

and we are down. Water coming in, get out,

get the raft and abandon the plane, which floats

on a calm sea, a silver cross on the big blue ocean,

so small…

We can only survive for a few hours and what then?

No one will know what happened to us or where we came down.

We are lost at sea, Earhart and Noonan, pilot and navigator.

One made a mistake and flew off course, now both

are lost forever, to become a legend.




amelia earhartelectra planeflightfred noonanlostmysteryocean


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M.C. Newberry

Sun 12th May 2013 19:13

Fascinating stuff. It has to be remembered that the Pacific Ocean was far less documented than now but just as vast. Perhaps a fatal crash may have been the preferred ending for those brave adventurers and one can only hope they had each other's company for comfort if they were fated to endure an isolated and painful departure from this life.

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nick armbrister

Sun 12th May 2013 15:51

see here. they look for her and have found much circumstantial evidance. bits of plane in the sea, raised up july 2014.


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M.C. Newberry

Sun 12th May 2013 15:21

One of the great mysteries of the air and a
timely reminder of the dangers of daring as we
follow the solo flight of that intrepid North
American teenager around the world at this time. Courage lives!

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