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Jon Stainsby on He Sleeps in a Box (1 hour ago)

Anya on He Sleeps in a Box (1 hour ago)

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Dorothy Webb on FROZEN (1 hour ago)

Be kind.

Her hair covered

Her head down 

A baby in the push chair 

Not one familiar place around.


The shop girl served her,

Speaking loud and slow 

The lady understood 

What their was to know.


I sensed a patronising tone,

As the shop girl spoke 

The lady didn’t realise 

The condensation invoked.


The man with the tattoos

Stared and screwed up his face 


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Priory impropriety

So here’s a funny story,

I met my relate councillor 

in “The Priory”

we engaged in behaviour

tainted by impropriety.


We group therapie’d

and CBT’d,

but later in proceedings

succumbed to 

mutual need.


We cried and

told the truth,

then smiled and lied,


each other could barely hide.


Both broken

both bitter,

torn in two

I looke...

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Resting pulse

entry picture

A Lake,

a Loch

a Fjord.


By whichever

tongue inspired,


Is a view to hold the eye transfixed,

and grow not ever tired.


From shallow banks

green pastures rise,

where ascending rocks

suspend the skies.


Grandeur’s beauty

imposes fear,

to lowly men

when they draw near.


To feel so small

in natures palm,

defines us all

and rend...

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Healing spacesrat racerefuge

The Beach: My Remedy

it's just before sunset when loneliness creeps in

the beach is my remedy

the ocean will let me be sad
but only enough to shed a few tears,
never enough to let me drown

the wind invites me in when no one else has thought to
the lazy waves take their time rolling up

the toddlers mix mud, as their parents hold a conversation

the older couple holds hands like they're still in love

their golden retriever ba...

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An Acorns Throw

Oh to be once more in the depths of green

Escape from the bustle of the present mainstream

Soak up the magic of natures verdant glory

Linger there a while and pen the story

For refuge what can ever surpass this haven

An acorns throw away from the commercially enslaven...



August 10th 2009

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