There was once a man.

There was once a man,

charming in the flesh

He fell in love with a woman,

who he described her as a universe with the brightest stars.

She was his dream,

a dream that came close with his reality.

There was once a man,

bewitched with all.

He dare not speak,

for not to ruin all.

He cared for his beloved,

as if she was the heart of it all.

Until he met his demons,

when the change started all.

There was once a man,

not so charming in the flesh.

Left her for all...

To find pieces of a past which did not exist.

To realize that the demons were just part of an illusion he created within.

To realize he lost everything for a worthless fight.

There was once a man,

who he had all.

He had a universe who belonged to him with all...

Who he destroyed and left it shattered,

in the dark. 





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AM Cash

Thu 24th Aug 2017 04:45

I know that man.

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