Anarchy runs through my bones, A sanctuary, a mind set in stone, No worth in a life without purpose, Enough people around me trying to surplus, Without reason or must. Society isn't run from home, We're fed a diet of lies and bad omens, A curfew on our personal time, Cursing those who brave past the line, Fucking with your mind. Sobriety is harshly overrated, When the priority is to be overly instated* No peace or time for contentment, Media filling spaces with resentment, We're losing the sentiment. Majority have lost their sight, No authority of wrong and right, Choosing ignorance and darkness Digging holes to bury their sadness, In a world full of madness

americabritaindeepdrugshearthighhumanitylessonlifemodern daypeoplepoliticssocietystate of Western society

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Rose Casserley

Sat 2nd May 2015 12:19

you said it! nice one Emily.x

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