Broken Hearts Will Cry, Broken Hearts Will Sing

 Where have you gone?

Where has your mercy fled?

Do you see the tears

 drenched upon my bed?


Do you hear my cries for shelter?

Do you remember me at all?

Please tell me you’re not just watching

As my kingdoms rise and fall.


One hundred and twenty days

And still I cannot breathe.

Have you buried me beneath

A burden that will not leave?


I know you s...

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Unrequited Belief

I've thought about this deeply.

I've given it my all.

I wish I had more than just one head

to beat against this wall.


All the shoulds and shouldnt's blur my vision,

wont's and cant's clog up my ears.

And now everytime someone says "I can"

I burst right into tears.


I stood on top this promise

of a mustard seed so little.

I gave a faith so boldly

and receiv...

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GriefBroken DreamsFaith

Love Not Fully Understood

God, I know you’re good.

You’re gentle and you’re kind. 

You quiet the restless heart,

With words it cannot find.


You tether the most wayward souls,

Drawn away by the slightest breeze.

You answer the most daring questions,

With sovereignty and ease.


All you do is good,

It’s the only way you know how to be.

How else could the Lion

Befriend a sheep like me?


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My Bleeding Mother

My heart is hurting.

It can’t contain the pain.

It seeps like beads of sweat out of my body

And falls like drops of rain.


The rain soaks my shoes,

then bleeds through to the skin.

The cold of winter settles;

it settles once again.


I cannot save my mother,

Though she and I both hoped that I could.

But I’m afraid that a daughter’s love

Can’t always do the t...

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Dark Nights

In this dark night of my soul

at the hands of unkind men,

when they looked at me and saw no value, 

except for every now and then.


In those moments of quiet desolation,

when I begged to hear your voice,

when I pleaded for you to save me

and when I wrestled with your choice.


For all the ways I can forgive them,

though it makes no sense at all.

The winds of a...

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