A Christmas Wish

A Christmas Wish 


I wish I could go back for just a day

I wish there was a magic way

To twenty years or so ago. 

To christmas past as white as snow.

To little kids in soft pyjamas, 

Christmas specials of telly dramas. 

Excitement sizzles in the air, 

Gifts from loved ones soon to share.

Special baubles cover the tree, 

Children waiting full of glee. 

Santa’s mince pie and whisky waits.

Left out on special christmas plates. 

A carrot left for Rudolph too

In return some reindeer poo.

Soft white talc on the hallway floor,

Footprints leading to the door. 

Santa has been and left his mark,

Boxes of presents in the dark. 


It’s a magical time of year, 

Children’s excited faces appear,

Mummy can we get up yet? 

I’ve been waiting -You bet.

Present left by their door, 

To let them know he has been for sure. 

Lounge full of presents wrapped and ready 

In we go - take it steady! 

Everyone has their own pile, 

This is going to take a while,

Paper ripped and tossed aside,

Delighted,excited, eyes wide.

Boxes hide each perfect gift,

Santa has finished his night shift. 

Oh to go back for just one day. 

Christmas was special back in the day. 


◄ The Pig Butcher


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Stephen Atkinson

Tue 21st Dec 2021 16:13

Lovely stuff, Louise ☃️

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