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Gospels Of Satan (work in progress)

A falling night is he that falls. 

He that drinks wine is intoxicated. He that drinks me is annihilated.

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The Journey

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Condemning the evil that I clearly see 

Condemning the evil inside of me 

And you, and every politician priest and Jew

No I’m not antisemitic

So stop with that rhetoric

I’m anti elitist anti inequality 

anti facilitating systems that suppress autonomy     

It’s just a continuation 

of the rise and fall of nations 

Empires shifting to the west 

They leave destruction a...

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why do we pray

mostly because we stray

stray from god's love

that is sent to us from above.


we only pray in time of our need

for god's warning we never heed

then god we blame for all our touble

but it us who create this bubble. 


for when we take god's advice

we never fall into a vice

 he is there to hold our hand

carrying us through the troubled sand. 


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Adiuva Me

Now help me...

Help me, cry out. 

As I'm in a peaceful place,  but I believe it's hell. 




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heavenhellHelphelpingincognitapeacefulpeoplereligioussaying goodbyewriting

The Armor of God

To share His truth we should be driven

With this His Belt to us He's given

His Breastplate of Righteousness is for guarding the heart

Excepting His love will help us start

We should always be ready to share the Gospel

For that's the Shoes of a true apostle

On the cross God's hands we're nailed

He's our Shield of faith where we have failed

Love is more than having felt it


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Armor of GodReligious

He is who He is

Even the angels dont understand

How God could die for fallen man

They don't know the trials in a world of sin

Or the joy and peace as through Christ we win

Yet in every victory they rejoice 

As we listen to the Maker's voice

Because He is who He is, He always wins

No matter the cost of all our sins

The love of God is like a priceless gem

For thousands of years we'll lear...

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"A Friend Who Still Loves Us"

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Even when our sins had Him crucified

And He's hurting way down deep inside

Jesus still loves us....A friend who still loves us

And though a thousand tears He's cried

Jesus still loves....For this is why He died

Jesus always wants to be our friend

Even if we hurt Him in the end

Jesus still loves us....A friend who still loves us

And though a thousand tears He's cried


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"Marriage God's Gift"

With love for a woman man takes up his bride

Like God and His church for which He has died

He gives her his life to be by her side

To share his warm heart that's broken inside

He takes her hand and tell's her "I do"

And promises a love that's faithful and true

Just like the God that makes all things new

He holds them together like iron and glue

He gives her his life for bet...

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"Broken Families"

Broken Families broken dreams

Life isn't always what it seems

People are hurting they're starving for love

But that only comes from God above

Even His son needed His help

From all the pain that He had felt

Our loving savior sweat drops of blood

Yet if He could die again for us He would

You see we are a broken family this whole human race

Yet the King of the universe woul...

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Broken familiesreligious

The Beast and the Scribe

entry picture

Dust motes flare bright as falling stars above his sacred work,
his skillful strokes slash at the demons skin,
interlocking prayers his only protection
from the nightmare trapped by walls of cinnabar and ultramarine.
It coils, threatening to leap into the eyes of any who gaze into its charred-bone face
bleeding into the minds fibres, it's most cunning trick.
Its likeness, flayed as ...

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