In this short blessed experience called life
We wake we sleep we eat we breath and if we r lucky we wake
Not just eyes open awake
Third eye awake
With this comes changes opertunities
We take
Lessons we mistake them for mistake
Social media a fraction of our life fake
Fake love ...fake give ..real take
They want us programed in to play ther game
They want us to think wev gone insane
They try to strip us of our rights
Turn dignity to shame
Label us ..isolate us give us a name
Too open but thanks all the same
Shes got a mental defect he has a scizm
On thier behalf ignorance narcicsm
Reverse spiritualism
Unfortunately medicated wrongly in prison
Attempting to block third eye precision
News distraction with exadurating terrorism
They sell it we buy it.. trading our vision
No deciding if its not our decision
Stay wakened wide open vision
No comply no totalitarianism


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End S.R.A ►



Wed 24th Jun 2020 05:19

It's all a myth, it's all a vision, an imagination. Nothing is artificial nor real.

What's meant to be will be.

Mind control can make a person believe that their decisions are actually theirs.

Wisely crafted. Eye opening.

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