During moments of purity
I find my chest tight
The familiar feel of panic
As I wonder how long it will last
Pressure building
Like an elephant 
Placing its foot upon my center
These moment of purity
Are not always happy
But sometimes they can be
When the raw feelings build up
Yet they don't come out
Almost trapped
Inside of the vault of my body
And I forgot the passcode
They scream to be released
Breaking the glass fortress 
I have painstakenly created
To house my thoughts
These moments of purity
Are moments of agony
Moments of pain
Moments of anger
Are moments of emotion
When they are good
I soar upon the wind
As an eagle carries its majestic form
Across miles and miles
When they are bad
I tumble down below
Like a rock trapped under a waterfall
Pushing deeper and deeper

I find the words
Like little bits of encryption
Cracked by accident
The lock turns and the tumblers click
As the door opens
They seep out
These heavy goblets of smoke
That are my emotions
Not quite solid 
Not quite liquid
Not quite anything
But little pieces of myself
The words spill to the floor
Spreading themselves out
Pooling about my feet
Calling out my name
And telling me secrets
I'm not ready to hear
I fight to put them back
Scoop thier formless smokey shape back inside
And lock the safe once more
But for some reason I cannot
The words slip and fall through my hands
Everytime I try to pick them up from thier pool
Try as I might 
I could not figure out how to pick them up
I try a piece of paper
They saturate the page 
Placing themselves in sentences
I could not form myself
I find the words
I've been hiding from all along
I find the words
I could not utter on my own
I find my emotions
And they call out my name
Telling me they will keep my secrets
I smile at the paper
I find the words
Oddly comforting


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keith jeffries

Fri 9th Dec 2022 20:46

A highly descriptive poem which the reader needs to digest and compare his or her emotions with those of the poet. There is a lot to ponder her. Thank you for this

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