What I Feel

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I feel more and more like broken glass

as each day has gone pass.

I try to stay strong

while everything goes wrong.

I don’t wanna upset them,

they think that I am as beautiful as a gem.

Why can’t I see myself as they see me?

Why must I lack so much glee?


I need my friends to make me happy,

because without them I feel so sappy.

I hate that I must admit that I’m not okay,

but I need help because I feel like this every day.

I’m tired of being so sad all the time,

so I end up putting my feelings into a rhyme.

My life should be perfect, I have everything I need,

so why must I not succeed?


Each time I go to church,

I ask God to help me search

for a reason to keep going

but I stay knowing,

that whatever happens, I will be okay,

despite what even I might say.

And I know that He loves me no matter what,

even if my heart may stay shut.


I have not been honest with myself or you,

but please forgive me because this is what it has come to.

I’m so tired of bottling this up,

but if I’m being honest, I really don’t wanna give up.

So this is how I feel,

no matter how much I wish this feeling wasn’t real.

I wrote this at my darkest hour,

I even cried about it in the shower.

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