"How are you"

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I don’t wanna be here

and that may be hard to hear.

I’m sorry for always letting you down

because when I do, it makes you frown.

It’s become second nature to fake a smile,

because being happy is the new style.


I hate it when we argue and fight.

I hate it so much, it makes me cry at night.

I think I’ve run out of tears

from crying all these years.

I cry in the car and in the shower,

just about every hour.


I always say i’m fine when you ask what’s wrong,

but if I told you, we would be here all day long.

Everyone I care about disappears,

and when they leave I shed my tears.

Why can’t I simply be okay?

Do I need to get on the ground and pray?


But no matter how I feel--

even I know the pain wont heal. 

Depression and anxiety cloud my brain,

someone please take this pain.

But because my problems aren’t something we should get into,

I smile and say, “I’m great, how are you?”

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