During the lockdown, I didn't do much writing and wasn't inspired like some to write about Covid or the lockdown in general, as I figured there would be enough people doing this already.  The poem below is a new and first draft.  It is meant to be messed up like the whole crisis and covers things I have heard said from a whole host of people and media.  Comments please and anything I could add to it that I have missed.  Here goes:



Stay alert!  Stay safe!                   

Too many old folk anyways                      

It’s all a set up.

Best thing that could have happened this to get rid of all those useless people who can no longer contribute to the system

Protect the NHS                            

They're in on it all mate

There is no virus

2 metre distance                          

Blame the 1%                                               Fuck lockdown

Vaccinate                                                                     Give us the chip

Black people will get the vaccine first (Bill and Mrs Gates)

We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when                              

New World Order

Circuit breaker                              

Planned to wreck the economy                                                           Clap like a monkey

Tier 3 – severe                                                            No cure for the common cold is there?

1 Million dead                               

More will die from malaria

Free cash on furlough

Wash your hands                         

Kill the arts and freedom                                         I’m still going out.

Wear mask                                     It’s even a fashion now                               Mass unemployment

Work from home if possible      

Conspiracy                                                    Chinese disease

We are all working together      

Always casualties in any war                     Fucking sheep-le

Beat the virus                                 Just like the Blitz                                          Let’s go to the pub

The rule of 6                                   We’d all have it now wouldn’t we if it was real?

Family units only                                                                                              

Divide and conquer                                    

Still sending my kids to school anyway, even if they have got it                 

Nuke the world

Restrictions                                    Nazi control                                    Vitamin D gets rid of it

Stay at home                                  Lose weight then…                        I don’t know anyone who’s had it


Covid idiots                                    

5G did this

Test, test, test                                Fuck the app                                  I never stopped working

Track and trace                             

The new normal is NWO                    

Ramp up what?

Long Covid                                      What happened to ISIS?              Booze kills it and weed

Protect the vulnerable                

This is a cull                                   

People living FAR too long anyway

Drink disinfectant                         


It’s the new chlamydia

2020 is a write off                         Save the economy                         That shop has shut down now

Flatten the curve                          

Nature bounces back                    Cancellations

When will it all end?                     Eating bats did this                        Zoo tropical

Amazon will deliver all you need, forever                                          Taxes will kill us all off

and the nurses were just sitting around doing nothing

ventilators needed


2020CoronavirusCovid 19end of the world

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Paul Sayer

Wed 21st Oct 2020 22:14

I agree with all of these and none of these.

I can still get my pint a day (As long as I have a pasty as well)

Here in sleepy hollow, we have not noticed ANYTHING different at all

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Brian Maryon

Wed 21st Oct 2020 22:08

David you could work these positives into it which for me made life bearable

Able to see family members incl grandkids

Golf courses open

Tennis courts open

Bowls greens open

Pubs open

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Greg Freeman

Wed 21st Oct 2020 09:34

Interesting starting point, David. I would like to have seen this flavoured with some of the more optimistic, and communal good feelings that were going around in the early months, before a certain event that changed things. I agree that now the outlook, in many of the ways that you sketch out, is grimmer. But all is not lost.

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