The Lighthouse Keeper's Song

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The gulls above me, wild and free
my song begins to echo theirs
squawks of tuneless noise
as I try to make some sense
or to release something

Watching the breaking waves
from a distance and then up close
I’ve been nowhere
but up and down the stairs
of this hollow and lonely year

It’s hard to remember the good I do
keeping other ships at a safe distance
as I patiently await the promised boat
that will return me to the world
and the smiling faces of my family

I fear I’m losing my peace of mind
I sense the loosening pieces
as my happiness erodes
My song goes round and round
like the light I tend

Wild and free, used to be
the way I chose to live
Wild and free, an impulsive sea
the way I chose to love

I wait so patiently
on that coming boat
that will return me
to the world I used to love...



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Ghazala lari

Wed 4th Nov 2020 10:18

Tom keep smiling n sharing. You are a brilliant poet. Your works are lovely dark and deep and will help many long after we are gone permanently to sleep buddy💕

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Wed 4th Nov 2020 10:05

Thanks also to Rose, Ghazala, Kimberly and Jordyn for reading and the 'likes', And thanks Jennifer, I'm with you there. I hope that boat is close.

Thanks for the virtual hug Nicola. I feel a lot better now. 😃

Aww, thank you Ghazala! You're absolutely right; writing and patience are a great combo as well as all our lovely WoL comrades. Thanks for reading and sending some positivity!

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Ghazala lari

Wed 4th Nov 2020 10:05

Keep going. Soon we all will be in our peaceful world. Patience is all we need. Keep writing your your heart out. We are here to feel and share. You aren't alone. We are all with you always.... smile😄

Nicola Beckett

Mon 2nd Nov 2020 17:29

Virtual hug x

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jennifer Malden

Mon 2nd Nov 2020 16:32

An unusual subject,very well imagined, and recounting how perhaps, we have all felt lonely, frustrated and isolated this terrible year. Hope our boat doesn't take too long to arrive. Loved it.


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Mon 2nd Nov 2020 10:28

Thanks Dean, Keith, Lisa, JD and Stephen for reading and the likes on this one. And thanks Keith for commenting. This year was really getting to me a week or two ago, feeling pretty hopeless. Much better now (despite the new lockdown) but glad to have gotten this little poem out of the gloom.

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keith jeffries

Sun 1st Nov 2020 11:26


A poem to a lonely existence eloquently told.
Thanks for this

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