Ode to the Free World & its Leaders

                                                         Ode to the Free World


                                                                Its Leaders


They fight wars thousands of miles from their shores

and expect us to willingly applause

They have great wealth but need allies

with begging bowls ...

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The Natural World

The Natural world


We catch glimpses of it

as if paintings in a gallery

We walk or drive past it

seldom to experience or feel it

It becomes a side show

vaguely admired for its beauty

We criss cross it feetlingly

but never to touch or hold

We have distanced ourselves from it

as we inhabit bricks and mortar

Walk on pavements or drive on tarmac

We prefer our te...

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The Potter´s Hand

The Potter´s Hand


We are being formed

fashioned for a purpose

Not yet complete

malleable but stubborn

Free will to be subdued

as the psalmist says

The potter and teacher 

are one in their work

The end is assured

and within sight

Meanwhile we wait

until all is accomplished

Then we move forward

to an ultimate destiny

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