Winnowing Fork and Millstone

Winnowing Fork and Millstone


The precipice has been reached

the abyss lies far below

Retribution comes on a chariot of fire

with clouds descending

vengance is mine says the Lord

Those who have abused and perverted the Faith

their day of reckoning has arrived

Whether it be in a pew or wearing a red biretta

the hand of judgement makes no distinction

He comes with h...

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The Lambeth Judgement

The Lambeth Judgement


From within the walls of the Church´s hierarchy

comes more drivel and senseless malarky

Bishops from around the world are invited

to a conference with their wives to be seated

But if the bishop has announced he´s gay 

his married same sex partner is to be kept away

What would Jesus think of such exclusion

Our Blessed Lord who taught us inclusion


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Casual dress has given way to casual behaviour

etiquette and fashion are glimpses of the past

Manners maketh man was the command

to which all were bound to obey

It came naturally, almost second nature

as gentlemen doffed their hats

Gloves removed before shaking hands

gentlemen walking close to the kerb when escorting a lady

Gentlemen standing when a lady e...

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Forgotten forever

Forgotten forever


It needs to be said

that when we are dead

our impact on life will fade

as if our foundations had never been laid


We will become a distant memory 

that will disappear into eternity

where our presence will be a remote thought

to prove that our lives were really of nought


An album might retain a photograph

which for a while might raise a ...

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Some create their world divorced from reality

to rest in comfort and to fantasize

In mirrors they see the reflection of another

not the image which is so clearly visible

In this comfort zone fashions are designed

scenarios created which bring pleasure to the imagination

They are no longer themselves but someone else

A glass cupola descends over their life


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José Tomas

José Tomas


Slighted by the curse of autism

he was a delightful and cheerful lad

Tall, handsome with personal charm

nothing seemed to daunt or depress him

A manifestation of good manners

a willing helper, seldom dull or downcast

Thick lensed glasses accentuated his eyes

blue and clear, a glimpse of his inner self

Bright, observant with concealed talent

he lived in...

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La Libreria (The Bookshop)

La Libreria (The Bookshop)


With no fear of embarrassment or exposure

I glided towards the portal of my desire

There in a warm dusty labyrinth I was home

surrounded by more paper than could be imagined

Shelves from floor to ceiling crammed with books

volumes neatly arranged some with frayed edges

Tables piled high with more of the same

as step ladders leaned against oth...

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The Purge of Victory

The Purge of Victory


On the wings of a fearful night, well before dawn

a bolt of celestial power sliced through the frosty air

to obliterate the accumulated scum of the earth

A purgative force unseen struck corruption hiddden beneath

the blankets to incinerate the dirt from within

its vile residue exorcised from all four corners of the globe

A whirlwind smashed to smither...

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He Sleeps in a Box

He Sleeps in a Box


I know a man who suffers from PTSD

an ex serviceman damaged for life

He sleeps in a cardboard box

in the doorway of a shop in the High Street


Should there be a deal or no deal Brexit

politicians debate endlessly without result

I know a man who sleeps in a cardboard box

in the doorway of a shop in the High Street


Local elections are due l...

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A Large Wooden Door

A Large Wooden Door


Out of our finite view there is a large wooden door

which is permanently open, never to close

It remains ajar for a few to trickle through

but in times of calamity and war it opens wider


From outside nothing can be seen therein

inside the exterior is covered by a veil

It is a rubicon, a threshold from life to death

then from death to a new life...

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The Spring Offensive

The Spring Offensive


The forces of Spring have begun their early offensive

against the entrenchments of winter

The colours have advanced into the darkness beyond

winter´s forces begin to retreat and take up new positions


Ground is being taken as daffodils come in support of snowdrops and crocus

frozen earth is broken by the onslaught of new advances

The whole of natu...

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The Beast

The Beast


The Beast lives in unparalleled luxury

with an unlimited source of pleasure and wealth

The Beast is free of rules or restrictions

his position is secure and unassailable


The Beast has an ever expanding Empire

his control extends further day by day

The Beast has tentacles long and grasping

nothing can evade his reach


The Beast thrives on power as ...

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All will be well

All will be well


A landscape clad in cement and tarmac

steel and glass fortresses dominate our vision

Contamination erodes natural order and beauty

we wear masks to breathe and goggles to see

A barren world, an open prison

to escape is, to where and a fruitless errand

Cemeteries are fulll of the forgotten poor

as soldiers of greed march on to glory

Morality and valu...

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In years past they possessed two shapes

one an X and the other a H

Today we look aloft to some like a farmers gate

now they arrive in all shapes and sizes

as new sophisticated models keep arising

I am intrigued by the variety of this new array

as new ones seem to appear every day

Strapped to the chimney of a nearby house

is one which resembles the cage of a ...

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National Character

National Character.

Whether we like it or not we are a different lot
various shoots from the same vine,
all living in the same time.
Differing in so many respects
but forming a variety of sects.
Land , history and culture doth breed
Nations of people separated indeed.
Language, religion and cuisine
are the ingredients so evidently seen?.
A flag, an anthem, we stand to attention
all of...

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The Sugar Bowl


On a far away  British Colony

                  there was a gay bar tucked away

                       up a side street

It enjoyed  a modest but dubious reputation

                       as the owner was known as Sugar

I was intrigued to visit  and witness

                        events there

It was said that Sugar a middle aged man


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