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My Feet

My Feet


They have padded in various places

from shady joints to tropical beaches

Across countless pages they have trodden

in shoes, sandals, boots and in naked sedition

They have carried burdens and suffered corns

roamed the countryside and endured brittle thorns

I clip the nails and moisturise their soles

for God alone knows these extreme toes

My feet are a divine ...

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The Last Moments

The Last Moments


Armageddon calls the ravens home

as masonary falls from a cracked dome

The staircase of greed leads nowhere now

bodies hurtle downwards from buildings aloft

Stall holders without cash fall silent and crash

Grace is kept at bay as all cry mercy

abuse has run its course as custodians cower in shame

The exploited don white robes of patience and honour


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Chaos wears a veil of deceit

scrap metal with refuse spew forth

Embroiderers unpick the mangled barbed wire

as distant voices in discord pronounce nothing

Incompetence and Ignorance stand as sentinels

the inept and unqualified replace the hinges

Misfortune born of apathy and stupidity 

in a playground of clowns in full costume

Groups, free thinkers and empty ...

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The acquisition of wisdom is the life blood

for body, mind and soul

It rejects the insidious assaults of prejudice 

and ignorance

A new dimension is achieved where

intelligent thought prevails with

experience and education as precursers

Wisdom exists only when discovered

It requires a long and often arduous search

Profound common sense, compassion and


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The Lantern

The Lantern


A lantern burns outside the door

it is never extinguished

A welcome and hospitality are assured

a knock and the door opens

A room with a fire burns in the grate

an armchair is close by

A hot drink is brought followed by food

then a bedroom upstairs is ready and waiting

Clean sheets and several blankets

bring a deep sleep without fear

The morning li...

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Winter´s Doldrums

Winter´s Doldrums


Time spent in the doldrums of winter

inertia spreads its curse on life

Not even a breath of air or wind of consequence

an insipid landscape which affects heart and imagination

Thoughts cannot be fully constructed

or ideas take shape for some change

O for a blast of stormy weather

blinding snow with impassable thoroughfares

The drama of winter vente...

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Empires rise and fall

no matter how mighty and tall

When an empire has had its day

it is time to look for another way

Rome the all powerful and great

is now only a small city state

The British Empire on which the

sun never set

now has a very substantial debt

The time has come for another empire

to fall and crumble

as its inhabitants begin to trembl...

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As I meander along the inner city streets

as I enter the department stores or supermarkets

I find myself drawn to the faces about me

young and old alike, I see their eyes

their expressionless looks of boredom and sadness

disinterested in what surrounds them

Vacant expressions, glazed eyes

the eyes of the predator, the wounded

Icons which exude loneliness...

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The Cloud of Fear

The Cloud of Fear


Dark sinister and heavy laden this cloud

stalks the land

Powerful winds herald its arrival

Winds which uproot and scatter all in its path

followed by the echo of thunder

the flashes of lightning striking forth

Rain pelts down as indiscriminate bullets

Everyone is at its mercy

Fear commands obedience

fear enters the hearts of all

It controls e...

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