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rigorous exercise, training my mind
the center of my world, I give you my due diligence
love to watch me write by candle light, would you guide my hand and evoke my true penmanship

law of attraction, I cast it out, and ask around
I question myself, then take affirmative action
groundbreaking truths shatter walls, somebody hand me my protractor
searching the sea floor and tapping the wel...

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Song of the Sunflower


Was it the yellow of your bright petals
or the way you danced in the breeze
that I brought you home from fields?
Was it the strength of your upright stalks
or the camaraderie, your solidarity?

There in the sun you sang hope,
songs that filled a mourning heart;
there in the wind you whispered
plaintive farewells on conflicted air-
fill this grieving with consolation.


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