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compensatory delusion

a kindest gesture
above all others 
received gratefully 
was to be shown the door
leaving behind a pillared 
image of affection; 
gloved, pugilistic,
guarded stance
holding no sacred
ground -impugned
zero rated disuse;
here it all unravels:
of what benefit is
this grossly overpriced
monstrosity of a car
or these now stained 
designer threads
had you cared less
we’d end up here

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April themefollyfoolishness

So How Nottingham Were You?

“eight Shippo’s a night youth

with a pack of No.6

loyal to the local economy

proud of where I lived,

never owned a Chopper though,

much to my chagrin,

every other Saturday

Trent End hooligan

serial movie matinees

at the ABC

a penny got the first one in

who let the others in for free

meet me at the Lions

don’t you know your left from right


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Song of the Sunflower

entry picture


Was it the yellow of your bright petals
or the way you danced in the breeze
that I brought you home from fields?
Was it the strength of your upright stalks
or the camaraderie, your solidarity?

There in the sun you sang hope,
songs that filled a mourning heart;
there in the wind you whispered
plaintive farewells on conflicted air-
fill this grieving with consolation.


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