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The Body of Life

The Body of Life


RIP Paul


Don’t hold on to the cord too long

As the casket drops back to the ground

Listen and hear the blackbird’s song

As loved ones whisper all around.


Holding on can pull you down,

Time to let go with laughs and tears.

One life so brief now clearly shown

Should soothe all worries, quell your fears.


Suits new pressed in Sunday be...

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A tulip blooms

In the effervescent sunshine of my heart,

A ray of light I alone

Could not have created,

For not until the birds no longer sing,

Or until the trees no longer grow,

Will my infatuation know its limits. 

Your hair a melancholic autumn,

Shades of brown and hues of amber,

Your heart

A forgotten winter,

Made not by you,

But by those that came before I,


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Spit of Life

Do you remember how we used to savour the pins and needles on our tongues?

Do you remember how we used to bite into bitterness?

lick the spit of life

I was turned on by brokenness

maybe it’s cliche

that I craved pain

swallowing broken bottles

it's lined my pockets

it's swollen my stomach

Do you remember when we saw ‘sad’ as just another crayon

to colour ourselves in w...

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Hope and Fear

She cried  

We cried 

We screamed 

For her not to be lonely 

Screamed at the gods to spare her 

We would give ourselves but we weren’t good enough 

How to be good enough 

So that she could be spared 

Dear God, let her be spared


Down from the face of our hope, tears fell to sizzle upon surfaces of burning wood. Pained wails, felt by the people who reached out to take...

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Never seeing the light




We wither and decay

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What do you represent?

I represent the entirety of my peers.

I represent my profession, my passions, humanity, the man on the street.

I represent the homeless, the loveless, those with respect and those I respect.

I represent you, I represent me, I represent what "they say".

I represent facts, I represent theories, I represent questions, ideals and ideas.

I represent dreams, I represent fears,

I repres...

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The Future

entry picture

a week ago 

a professor asked me 

what i wanted to do with my life, 

the quesiton caught me wrong-footed; 

two decades ago

learning to walk, 

a decade ago 

learning my body, 

5 years ago 

discovering love,

3 years ago,

accepting my body

a month ago,

accepting who i am 

and now? 

thrust into the unknown,

an oblivion that teases me;

infinite doors t...

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contemporaneous cold, 

in the winter of my agony 

july's heat long forgotten,

january's frost an eternal constant 

and yet 

one remembers, 

flowers bloom. 

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Keeping hope

Do we search for closeness with a pure heart
or do we always have intentions that are hidden from other's view
Our past weighs heavily on us and delivers a blow when we least expect.
What lies within our bones? Does this trouble and perturb us?
Could our hearts be bleeding or is it just plain beating?
Is our spleen venting the anger of our past or our present?
Is the future driving us to out...

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You took my skeleton out of my body and molded my spine to stand straight.

With your skilled hands you took me apart and put me back together, like you had done so many times.

In one piece, after so many years - you taught me what it was like to stand alone.

You sculpted my wings in perfect likeness of yours.

With each feather, you gave me hope and confidence.

I was an angel - c...

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The sky is the limit

A pitch dark night
Will be overcome
By a broad day light,
Seeds below
The earth that lie,
Soon open
A thankful eye
To the heavenly father
In the sky!
Then why? Why?
Should you and I
Allow our ambition
Wilt and die,
See our dreams fly by,
When say
A Hurdle
Block our way!
We must never admit
When a dead end
We hit,
There is no
Getting round it!
We should know
When God shuts th...

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Away from me

Fall on the way side in the afternoon.


I sob now besides the hollow tree,

The oak,



Your darkened hair recedes into the heavy mist,

Your eyebrows sliver into scattered sunbeams.


Away from me.


Lost in the bitter goodnight,

Hollow in acknowledgment,

The dirt moist from the heavy rain before it.


The image of you flakes,

In my mind,


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Living My Own Death

entry picture

I can tell you exactly when it happened. I was sat on one of those plasticy leatherette chairs. You know the ones, they have them in all hospitals, they're easy to wipe clean if someone has a little accident. I had my hand clasped about my wife's fingers and though I knew I was squeezing them too hard she didn't complain.

She, the doctor that is, or should I say consultant? Anyway, she leant in...

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May I Never

A poem about getting old... and staying young.

May I Never      

I may never rule the world with theories so fine

May never run past Bolt, smile and duck across the line.

I may never meet Mandela, Obama or the Queen,

I may never solve all wars, or stop leaders being mean.

I may never reach a hundred, run for thirty miles,

I may never help the hungry, turn their cries to happy...

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new year, new me.

new year, new me


new year, same old shit, same broken me.


the games they play will never change

the lies they tell will only grow in numbers

and every one

will erode at my happiness

and reduce what could have been mountains

down to only dirt.


i am broken





i used to be

i try to be

so kind

and compassi...

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