Never seeing the light




We wither and decay

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Singular point of hope

balancing in one dimension

drive the stake deep, swing without reservations

for this is the beginning



       added vector

sure footing eyes

to the horizon

averted from the abyss below

another point right planar

temptations of rest

loss of balance still precarious

point added placed correctly

a broad base of stability?


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fearmental healthProgressrecovery

The Beautiful Machine

Space for thought balance beauty of the void

power of complexity built on itself chaotic system

producing new order terrifying lonelyness meaningless computations

chaos repeating old broken patters My bones are ground to dust by the enormous gravity halving each space ad infinitum the yoke digging deep in the flesh

the aurochs spurred on by the cyclical hope of freedom

what new quar...

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Love MySelf

What do have to offer. yourself

internal wisdom beneath the facia of my concious

the untenable barrier that holds the flesh together, but connot be devoured only boiled down

and essence consumed


waste not use it for what it is

extract its power

use the sinew to construct a rope

strength beyond

only useful in parity with what is beneath what is beneath useless witho...

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recoverygodegoself worthidentity


Alchemy accumulations occult objects


obviscation oral affinitiess

articulate articulate 

honerous horticulture

fallow ground

hallowed articulating implements 

scaring the face

chrurning the deep richness pulled to the skin layers of detritus

masticated long passed

ego masturbated

harrowing seed bed preped

rain sun evenly scaled

else scalded or overasp...

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