Spit of Life

Do you remember how we used to savour the pins and needles on our tongues?

Do you remember how we used to bite into bitterness?

lick the spit of life

I was turned on by brokenness

maybe it’s cliche

that I craved pain

swallowing broken bottles

it's lined my pockets

it's swollen my stomach

Do you remember when we saw ‘sad’ as just another crayon

to colour ourselves in with?

- Embrace and satiate -

at some point I woke up and left that in my sleep

I yawned, and it was swallowed

I blinked, and it had passed

pain is no longer an art

the canvas has crumpled

Pain is a ghost

it is a stalker with an obsession

it is the foot steps behind me

It is the moaning from the crevices of the walls

It is the monster under the bed while I sleep

It frames the sunlight which emerges through my windows in the mornings

It is every shadow I cast when I step outside

It whispers through my smile and curls around my tongue

but I have lost the appetite

it is an acquired taste

I want to put down my plate

I want to turn away


My lips strained on a straw; I drained what I could out of depression,

I Got on my knees and wiped up every wasted tear with my paws,

Sucked on each finger and smacked my lips,

The cup is empty.

depressionmoving ongetting betterpainsadismhopebreak up

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Alexandra Parapadakis

Fri 17th Aug 2018 19:03

Thanks so much!

Big Sal

Fri 17th Aug 2018 19:02

How is it I've never seen your profile before?? You're writing is very evocative and excellent. Rhythmic, the diction is spot on, everything. Well done.?

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