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Without you

I'm lying her alone thinking about you,
I'm lying here alone pretending not to feel.
Pretending not to see all this darkness around me. 
I hear my heart break when I remember your smile,
That smile is shinning in my dreams.

My heart is shattered, my body cold,
when I sleep here all alone.
I try to sleep, try to forget you're not next to me.
I close my eyes and feel the cold,
I let the d...

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lostlovelove poems

i will love you at a far

Dear Tin


i will love you at a far

because no matter where you are

you will forever leave a scar

we went our seperate ways i see i took the wrong turn

i recollect the path i took straight to the tunnel

will that dimlight was darker than my life has been

you were the light to the end of that tunnel to my world

the sink was shipped and i got lost in the ocean without a re...

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Snow Flake

You come and you go

astressed with the trade winds

Tiny ghost dancer

flows to my head

clear and timed

tastes of sparkling ciders melt in my eye

attempting to leave no trace

I hold the proof of our a-cult

reforming love 

vitalizing movements seize life

breath exits as I consumed you

as glass inherits my soul 

timed and clear

breakable in an extraterrestrial se...

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