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Cynthia Buell Thomas on that could be me (Sat, 18 Apr 2015 11:54 am)

Charlie markham on luv (Fri, 27 Mar 2015 07:00 pm)

that could be me

that could be me

but i am here

and what privladges me to this

what right to life

am i given

that could be me

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it was here

now its gone

all is lost

for sometime

what is found

was once lost

but if you can find it

was it ever lost

can you loose something

that was never you

can you loose something 

that was never yours

it was here

and now its gone

all is found


what was found

can be lost

can you loose something

that you never found

can you fi...

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stark organic matter

excreting tastes of life

tied to a cycle

destined to a path

seen by none

the rules of competition

forever consumed by the glory

light to light

de come possed


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Snow Flake

You come and you go

astressed with the trade winds

Tiny ghost dancer

flows to my head

clear and timed

tastes of sparkling ciders melt in my eye

attempting to leave no trace

I hold the proof of our a-cult

reforming love 

vitalizing movements seize life

breath exits as I consumed you

as glass inherits my soul 

timed and clear

breakable in an extraterrestrial se...

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you are the future, you are the now. 

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im watching this girl 

almost two hours into a deep intelecutal converstation of human anthoropology

her bordum pushes her to write on her jeans

one leg proped up close to her chest

knee straight in her face

pen ink to denim madness

she has never thought about them

there is no way

those shivering legs

the starving minds

excess of choice 

potential negotiation


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the basis for the whole cycle 


sustaining the vessels

controlling the functions

it is the basis of all positive functions 

without this adaptation we have no relation

we need relation

move us forward

our right 

establish security

for the bases of the whole

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Anthropology 200 makes me poetic

"athropology 200 makes me poetic"
Black billow populating. 
Pusstulating apocolypse pecking order perfectionist. 
Gray white sharding sharpe dager arrow flight path of mushrooms making rain and rainbows.
We turn in awe. 
Ever so politley. 
Please take your time. 
More yes more. 
Click on, click on. 
Wonderfully strange horrific tradgidies. 
Wonderful w...

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