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Answer to a Prayer

I was kind of hoping,
That you would come along,
Like the answer to a prayer,
And the music to a song.

Like the kind of thing that happens,
At a special place and time,
That will change our lives forever,
Like a fantasy of mine.

The fantasy was there before,
I ever knew your name,
And now that I have found you,
We will never be the same.

So, pardon, if I look at you,
Forgive me if I s...

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The watcher

entry picture

The watcher

He watches all the comings and goings in the park

Always standing always leering

No one ever speaks to him

He is silient as stone

He watches for weeks and years

A marble heart and a marble soul

No tears form on his cheeks he captures only one expression

He watches with eyes that never move or close

Birds are his friends they perch on his shoulders


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