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'Can I read this out to you?' 'Noooooooo, I've got stuff to do.'

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Remember last night's tea

when you brought your girlfriend,

and you brought your friend?

And the dog was excited

because he loves it when you are all here

because I am so happy

and I'm like- superwomb?

And I got food delivered

and you were all relieved

because it can be touch and go

with my cooking                

and there was loads to go around

and Dad didn't ...

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It’s hard to leave you all behind

all those times we laughed together,

once my friends but now no more.

All the special girls gone for good,

“Yes I’ll love you forever more”—

now just an aching memory.

Where are they now?

Do they think of me or block me out?

If only I could say sorry to those I’ve hurt,

turn the cloc...

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