Oh My Goodness!!

Some girls dress up adequately yet often they let the fabric stay so bodyhugging that they unintentionally let you know what they have worn inside outside. She may not have any intention to showcase but our minds often read that she is about to seduce someone - some one dear to her or some one near to her. Wrote few lines after falling to such a perceived seduction trick.


Wee hours and the chirping birds,

Deep in slumber the naughty nerds.

Alarm bells and the hand searches

Cellphone in hand and the eye perches

Damn it’s six, the mind lurches.


She quietly slipped into the shower

After removing her tunic and lower.

Singing tones

Every other thing she postpones,

A touch here n there and little she moans.


The shower knob turned quiet

The towel dried her limelight.

Usually she’d carry the star dust…

Today she dared to adjust,

In a bralette her precarious bust.


A colored pair of panties with a white legging

Her small tits appeared strangely sagging.

Well she wore a long frock then

Colored in green with an aura of zen

She admittedly looked like a peahen.


Were the buttons up to her neck real or unreal?

But they left behind a beautiful trail.

The bra didn’t seem to settle

Each of her boobs looked like a tea-kettle

Without nozzle not made of any metal.


Her eyes carried the lust far and wide

She appeared as if she was to take a ride.

Well indeed it looked her day to rejoice

To enjoy the heat and yet feel the ice,

Away from office a cajoled feel very nice.


A posture missionary or the bull and cow

In the ultimate gesture she’d look wow!

Tooling her from the rear with her cups in hand

She would make springs sprout from sand

The phenomena of delight will surely be grand.

seductionerotic poem

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