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Do they know it.s Christmas

HAVE YOU EVER HAD   ????????

When your house begins to tell you, you dont belong no more
it makes it very clear, you are not welcome anymore
so hints begin to show themselves, subtly at first
then more and more they make it plain its only getting worse

A nice warm house gets colder, the heatings ceased to work
the normal things, like bathroom taps have demons that'll lerk
the toilet seat that swivells, not stable any more......
just waiting for your presence, just to chuck you on the floor.

If i had moved when promised, these issues wouldn't be
but sadly, everything's delayed, that's not so good for me
i'm living out of boxes, in chaos all about
iv'e even packed the Christmas tree, so gonna live without

So Christmas will be paper plates, plastic forks and stuff
but knowing friends and family, I'm sure that it's enough
coz Christmas isnt finery, it's who you're with and why
So i'll make Christmas special, or least, i'm gonna try.

Nanniouse.... Christmas 2019


So, now it's nearly Christmas, November almost gone
No more fireworks, scaring pets, the dreadful costumes done
No more witches, scarey masks, no more trick or treat
cats and dogs now can relax, just lie down by your feet

Now we can put up the tree, that twinkle full of light
childrens faces all aglow who cannot sleep at night
Letters sent to Santa, saying they've been good.....
who hope they will receive the gifts, exactly as they should

Christmas Eve is magical for all who DO BELIEVE
and Christmas Day will soon arrive, their gifts they may receive
Turkey full of stuffing, roast potatoes, and the rest
You have to say that Christmas Day, has got to be the best.



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